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If you have had a chance to experience Thindi Box Spice Blends and would like to share your feedback with us, we would love to hear from you!

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I have tried all the spice blends from Thindi box and I have to say all of them are so flavorful and truly authentic. While my family's favorite is Sambhar podi, mine happens to be Molaga podi which can add a different taste to any dish and satisfies my taste buds. I have sprinkled it on dosa, toast, parathas and used it as a chutney and it turns any boring bland meal to a totally delicious one :) The Bise bele bath podi reminds me of my college days in Mysore and is a must-try. All the spice blends are freshly prepared unlike the store bought ones which sit on the shelves for months. I wish Thindi box good luck and I look forward for more home made spice blends. Thank you so much!!


I was so blown away by the Molaga pudi that I quickly put in an order for a few more, not just for myself but as gifts for my family as well. Everyone who dipped piping hot idlis and guliappas in the molaga pudi raved about it - but only after they finished licking their fingers and smacking their lips! The chutney and sambhar sat quietly forgotten while everyone went crazy over this flavorful powder. I loved the rasam and sambhar pudi as well, and can’t wait to try out the Bisi Bele Baath and Garlic pudi. I wish Thindi box the very best and hope they expand their product line because, honestly, each offering reminds me of home! Each pudi is bursting with flavor, and the quality and freshness are unparalleled. I bid adieu to store-bought pudis. Thindi-box has gained a fan for life!.


Great products. Absolutely authentic flavors. I have tried all the products and I am in love with the taste. Never going back to other brands. My favorite product is Molaga Podi dip. This can be mixed with various bases to make a dip and is a must-try. I use this dip with everything - rice, dosa, parantha, bread… Thindibox service is very efficient and friendly, touch of home.


Highly recommend! The fresh & authentic taste of these podis and the aroma reminds me of home. Just the perfect amount of spice without overpowering the dish like some store-bought masalas do. I followed a couple of recipes from their recipe page and both the sambhar and saaru were spot-on. The Molaga podi goes well with dosas and idlis.


I've ordered all the pudis from Thindi Box. These blended spices are quite flavorful. Very balanced in fragrance and taste. Not too spicy while at the same time enriching your dish. Great quality. The products came neatly sealed and packaged; I love the design on the packaging. Excellent ordering experience. Thank you for keeping me posted throughout the shipping process. Highly recommend ordering from them.


I have tasted all of Thindi box products and I am so The flavors are very authentic and hits the right spots. I like adding saaru podi even to curries (palyas) like potato and beans palya and it turns out delicious. With covid, it's been hard to travel and get supplies from India so this has really been a real boon. Thank you Deepa!


We love all the podis from Thindi box! I have tried all your podis and love them. Saaru podi is my go-to spice in my spice box. I use it for adding flavor to simple stir-fries, dals and of course traditional saaru! Thank you Thindi box for the excellent packaging, always keeping it fresh and authentic!


We ordered Sambar Powder and Chutney powder multiple times. Taste is great and they will do according to your spice requirements.


Thindi Box says "Our mantra is to keep it fresh and authentic, always", and I have to stay they are 100% true to their words. I have tried every one of their podis/spice blends and have loved each one of them. The freshness and flavors are so distinct that I will not go back to using any other brand. I also found these podis so versatile, have added Rasam powder to vegetable stir fries, sambhar powder to other masala dals and Molaga podi over spring dosa, sprouts, parathas, rice dishes and even sandwiches and they added such a delicious spin to all the dishes. And of course following their recipes ( has turned out perfect dishes every time. I highly recommend Thindi Box, it is a Must Try!!

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