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Hello! I’m Deepa Bhat, the creator and owner of Thindi Box Spice Blends.


I am a native of Udupi, a city in South India that has become very popular for its vegetarian cuisine. I was fortunate to have grown up in a large family of obsessive cooks and got to enjoy the best of Indian delicacies all my life.

Until I started my journey in this venture, I always took the most important ingredient in various delectable South Indian dishes for granted - the podis (/spice blends), ..because my mom took care of it. When I realized the star of my dishes were the sambar podi, saaru podi and all the other magic podis I couldn't do without, I wanted to perfect the aromatic spice blends handed down from generation to generation, and share them with the world!

I gained most of my culinary skills from my mom, over the phone, when I moved out of home in my early 20’s. Over the years I seem to have learned a special language I can comprehend quite effortlessly. And I thank my mom for teaching me this language in her own unique way, with her expertise and all her ‘tips’ and ‘handy hints’, as she puts it. I absolutely love what I do and it is so satisfying to know I can offer fresh podis to those who are miles away from ‘home’, just like me.

From the ingredients to the method of carefully roasting the spices, to the texture of the powder, the aim is to keep it authentic and of the highest quality! Our podis are hand blended to recipes that have been tested numerous times before being launched. They are also blended in small batches and packaged in resealable pouches to preserve the freshness and the divine aroma of the blend. So, here's presenting our handcrafted cottage food products, Thindi Box Spice Blends. We are sure you will love it! We hope you check them out.

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